Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Configuration Management Elements

It has been so... so long that i updated my blog . Nevertheless, i realized now that, it is so. Thank  God :)

Of late am getting stung with a glucose 'ed question...Yes it was the engine that dragged me to rejuvenate...!!


"Spell out the Basic Elements of Configuration Management ??"


Initially, it wasn't influencing me to give a thought process. But later, it did.

When i tried to dig into this question , a few were gushing out. They are

                                            (Click the Image for clear view)

- Version Control : A systematic process over tools to track the changes to a file / project / any configuration identification

Version Control Tools :
i) ClearCase
ii) Subversion
iii) TFS
iv) CVS etc...

- Build : Combining the sources into a usable artifact.

Build Tools : 
i) Make
ii) ANT
iii) MS Build etc

 - Release : Providing the usable artifact by a defined process

- Deployment : Installing / injecting the artifacts into a system or application.

The above written are very few tools that are used in real world....just wiped off a drop from the ocean of Configuration Management.

**Build tools and Build Management tools are two different entities and so as the others, which am not going pitch in at this point of time. My next posts will have a bouquet of Build Management , Release Management and Deployment Management process etc.**

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duplicating a Vob

A sudden strike jolted on duplicating a Vob. Thought whether we can duplicate a Vob, does that work and of course how ?. This was an opportunity that paved me to explore the possibles for duplicating a Vob.

The following procedures were NOT recommended / suggested by IBM but a different approach that glued well.

Clearcase  registry registers / accepts the Vob, based on the Vob ID.  So thats the key for us, going to change / modify the existing Vob id for duplication.

Ok, but how ??.

- Copy the entire Vob Storage (.vbs) to another preferred location

- Edit the vob_oid and replica_uuid text files, do any similar modification on both files.

- Register the storage with normal cleartool register command

- Create a new Vob tag and mount the newly created Vob tag.

Will illustrate with an  Example:

 (Click the Image for Better View)

- In the above given image,  the "/test/test_vob" is being duplicated.
- The Vob storage (test_vob.vbs) is copied to another location
- After copying, edit the vob_oid and replica_uuid files. In this case, the vod_oid file's content (57ba5732.f5ba11dd.82b9.00:50:56:c0:00:01) is being modified to (57ba5732.f5ba11dd.82b9.00:50:56:c0:00:02) and in replica_uuid file as well.
 - Once the modification is done, new vobstorage  location is registered using typical cleartool register command and then NEW Vob tag is created.

- Mount the Newly created Vob for accessing the same.

Now the Vob is Duplicated with another Vob tag but the contents of both Vobs are very much similar.